Tuesday, November 10, 2015

First Year Anniversary Part 1

This post started almost two months ago. Woops.And I am only starting it up again because my phone is giving me the " Full storage" memo. 
And wow just like that, my husband and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! Even with it's continuous neglect,I can't believe this lil bloggy blog blog of mine is half way on it's two year birthday (I think?)

Annnd so,is it a big surprise that we ended up down in Ensenada? Our hotel away from home,with its tasty margs,delish dishes and oh wow that ocean view on a sunny day!

As usual we don't have much of an itinerary,we just like to drive down and see how we're feeling.However, this time we had one goal that we both agreed on. It was a must to head straight to the Old Mill in San Quintin for some tasty paprika crab legs. This is almost 200 miles south of Ensenda,a total detour of a drive but Oh man em I'm drooling just thinking about those tasty claws.Imagine,or I guess see the picture below of a bountyfull plate of nothing but stacks on stacks of super seasoned crab legs. They tasted soo soo good. Chugged it down with a Pacifico and it was lil peace of heaven. 

But before the journey,we stopped at El Nido for some margs and food. 

2nd day