Sunday, March 29, 2015

*Turns signal on* Beep Beep Vroom Vroom

  I,Patchouli Prattle have 5,626 pictures on my Camera Roll. Yes,I take pictures on the daily but no,not too many selfies ;) My pictures are mainly of trips,food and activities around LA. BUT with every click I take,I fear the dreaded "Storage is Full" message will come up (and it usually happens during the most inconvenient times like when your chihuahua looks too cute sunbathing and you can't capture it!) So I remind myself to do a bi weekly cleanse that's always a pain since I'm force to delete pictures I may miss in the future.
AND on that note(and since my wedding was ohh five months and seventeen days ago) I think this whole bloggy posty thingy I have going here will be more of a daily life reflection that will include a buttload of pictures since Nothing ever gets deleted on the Internet *dun dun dun* ..okay so here we go! Going to post trips and shits! 

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