Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Five States,Four Seasons

Who buys a motorcycle off of eBay that's two states away? *points at husband* -__-
But rather than giving him the usual "aren't we saving for a house?" sermon I was really excited because: 1. It was his bday gift to himself 2. He did save up for it and 3. BEEP BEEP ROADTRIP!!
And with that,we synced our work schedule and went off on a mini honeymoon or should I say HoneyVroom (ahahaha) to pick up a motorcycle from Farmington,New Mexico! 
 Our trip consisted of stopping at AZ,NM,CO,UT,and NV for 5 days. It was a wonderful trip and so bizarre that we faced all four seasons! Spring like weather when we first started,snow and sandstorm around AZ,Hail and more snow towards Utah and Colorado,chilly rain by New Mexico and Hellloo heat! while at Vegas.
We did ALOT of driving,about 2000+ by the time we got home. I still can't believe that Rosey,my old 99' CRV made it while also hauling a motorcycle on her badunkadonk. 

 We were able to visit so many beautiful places.One in particular was the Delicate Arch at Moab,UT. The majestic arc, along with so many others are located inside Arches National Park. It was a great idea to visit during the off peak season because it was not at all crowded and the hotels nearby had affordable rates.( Best Western PLUS was super clean and fancy and was only $60 for the night!)

Another fantastic stop,which I wasn't 100% was gonna happen due to its location,was a tour of the Lower Antelope Canyon near Page,AZ. Not only was this place breathtaking,the story behind it's formation was craycray (yes I did say cray cray). It is a Grand Canyon in the making,but not for another thousand of years! We went with Ken's Tour,which I chose based on the Yelp reviews. The tour was about an hour long and cost $28. Our tourguide was named Sitting Buffalo (yes, I forgot his real name) and he was great. He even suggested what settings and angles to you to get the best picture. Anyway I'm going to stop talking and start uploading pictures now.

First stop for dinner, The Turquoise Room at La Posada Hotel.
Turquoise Margarita in the Turquoise Room

Boys like to sleep in.

This Holiday Inn had a gift shop!

Spider Rock Overlook at Canyon De Chelly
This is actually a puddle.
First time trying Fry Bread
Quick stop at the Four Corner Monument, not too many pictures due to the rain 
Hello Delicate Arch! You are as beautiful as I imagined!
Wow no tourist!

Why yes those are our pajamas
It was so amazing to finally see this Arch in person. Before even getting married, my husband would give me any Utah quarters he came across because it showed a carving of this Arch. I think we have about nine. lol.
Hail storm right as soonas we left
MOAB Brewery, His and Hers 

Mmmmh Gelato

Stopped at Horseshoe Bend

Random stop at Station 66 Italian Bistro which provided quiet a tasty beer flight.
Bye bye Vegas!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

*Turns signal on* Beep Beep Vroom Vroom

  I,Patchouli Prattle have 5,626 pictures on my Camera Roll. Yes,I take pictures on the daily but no,not too many selfies ;) My pictures are mainly of trips,food and activities around LA. BUT with every click I take,I fear the dreaded "Storage is Full" message will come up (and it usually happens during the most inconvenient times like when your chihuahua looks too cute sunbathing and you can't capture it!) So I remind myself to do a bi weekly cleanse that's always a pain since I'm force to delete pictures I may miss in the future.
AND on that note(and since my wedding was ohh five months and seventeen days ago) I think this whole bloggy posty thingy I have going here will be more of a daily life reflection that will include a buttload of pictures since Nothing ever gets deleted on the Internet *dun dun dun* ..okay so here we go! Going to post trips and shits!