Thursday, January 15, 2015

Psst We're married!

*tap tap* is this thing still on?
Cause I got some old news to share!
woo!! hooo!!woo!!
This blog was birthed (is this a word?)as a motivation to get the ball rolling . From picking a theme to setting a date,I had hoped putting it all out there would help with me realize "Holy balls,we really are getting married!"
And I really felt like it did! 

Though I only posted a couple times a month,it helped me stay focused and organized. I did have moments were I questioned the outcome but scrolling back to my first couple of post was a reminder that Yes we soo want this to happen! 

I do wish I had posted more,but with the BIG DAY nearing, it moved me from planning to doing! (Aka spending and stress yikes)

Now that I'm here blogging in bed,with my sweet sleeping husband's arm around me (kinda trapped actually) I just felt like I owed this little blog of mine an overdue update! (Conclusion?? maybe)

But so much to share I don't know where to start! So I'll leave this post with this:
On a warm breezy October afternoon,I walked down an astro turfed yard to marry the love of my life. Under a painted alter,surrounded by my seven bridesmaid,his solo groomsman and our family and friends,we said our I DO's.