Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Smith's Residence

*Update* Due to a plumbing issue, We had to search for another place to hold the wedding. You'd think this would stress us out but we still had about a month to go and knew it was all gonna work out! ... And it sure did because my wonderful aunt and uncle offered us to use their backyard located at Santa Clarita, CA. I think it actually was a blessing since the day ended up really warm and the overgrown trees offered some shading. Also,we were able to come and go as we please since hello! We famILY. Below is what the yard looked before all the cleaning and decors went up.

Hello backyard wedding venue! Our good friend was kind enough to let us use his backyard for our wedding ceremony and reception. Seeing as my fiancé used to stay there,it held many wonderful memories for us. His backyard is quite spacious and green! So much potential and so excited that we finally can say "hey! We picked a location!"