Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Do it for Us

Soo as hinted on a couple previous post,my wedding planning has come to a hault due to... so so many reasons I don't even know where to start! Thankfully nothing bad-just stuff like finance,distractions and being content with how things are.
Planning our engagement photoshoot somewhat drained the hype of the "BIG" event.(that sounds kinda bad) I mean,I wore a cute dress,I styled my own bouquet,I spent the day with my handsome fiancé and we took pretty pictures! Minus the guest,the wedding party,the reception, the vows and exchanging of rings,it was sorta-kinda felt like a wedding right? (really pushing it here huh?) But anyway that and constantly googling weddings weddings weddings! just drained the excitement out of me...I would marry my fiancé in a heartbeat,but I just can't commit since I love this but then I see this and that and etc!
And so,with the wedding plans on a time out, I started planning trips instead...heehee.(hook on roadtrips!) The other night, I was discussing plans to drive to Moab,UT in October with my fiancé. He stopped me and the convo went a little something like this:

Fiance:"What about our wedding?"
Me "Uhmmm uhm is that still happening this October? It's like only four months away!"
Fiance "Plenty of time,let's do it"
Me "But Utah...Arches..."
Fiance  Sigh**"I requested time off work to marry you not look at a rock with a hole in it"*

And..just like that,seeing his passion helped awaken my excitement. I selfishly forgot that
this wedding is for US and not just for me.

And the very next day,I cleared my corkboard and half-assed this wonderful Wedding Planning board that I was so excited to show him.TA-DAAA!
It's not much right now but it definitely got the ball rolling again.

* hole in a rock he's referring to is the beautiful Delicate Arch. He's a nature lover and we will make plans to visit Utah..not just in October.heehee.