Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It's not "The Dress" but it's oh so pretty!

While on the search for the perfect engagement dress,I spotted this little number on the Free People website. I loved the cut and little hints of studs and sequins throughout the bodice.The strips of ribbon flowing down the waist was also a cute touch. I took a screenshot and moved on. BUT when I saw it at Bloomingdales in person,I just had to try it on!
and well....being five foot tall it was no surprise that the straps needed to be tied. But being short did have it's advantage when it came to the length. It hit just right by my ankles so it gave the look of a casual gown. 
I loved this dress and even after a couple weeks later I still love-love it! 
I don't see it as THE wedding dress but it can be a good options if we decide to elope or choose the Hickville Trailer parks route ;)

Sadly, for it's price of $300 I decided to pass.It's not an expense worth making at the moment. But if I come across the dress again and it's on sale,I would definitely get it! Cause it's a dress I'd love having in my wardrobe-even if it's just to admire it's pretty!

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