Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cali beauty! Spring and snow!

Just wanted to share a few pictures from the awesome places around So.California we visited recently.Whether it was the quick drive down PCH or a 300 mile trip to Mammoth,SoCal has tons of pretty to offer.

I haven't visited the The Getty Villa in years and I was surprised when my Boris suggested we stop by.I'm usually the one to drag him around art-related locations so I was pretty giddy when he said he'd like to go to the Getty Villa. We got to explore the property during such a beautiful day.It was sunny and the ocean breeze felt wonderful.We even spotted a couple taking their engagement pictures.

In all the years I've visit Griffith Park,I never knew Ferndell ever existed! I don't know how I've missed this fairly-like wonderland.It has quickly become my favorite hidden treasure. Had we not already decided on taking our engagement pictures at the Aboretum,I can see this place as a runner up. With it's shaded paths and little streams,it makes you forget that youre just a few miles north from the hustle and bustle of LA. I'd like to visit this place very soon and this time, try  The Trails Cafe which I hear serves a great avocado sandwich. Yum!

Last location: Mammoth Lakes (heehee again) When is comes to ski season and my fiance,I've learned a spontaneous trip to Mammoth for the weekend shouldn't be much of a surprise. Though it has been the droughtest season ever,my fiance tries to hit the slopes whenever he can. Just this past weekend,we found ourselves back in Mammoth.Above are a few pictures by the golf course on Old Mammoth Road.The sun was out and the duckies by the lake were lively. We also stopped by Twin Lakes because I just had to check out the Forest Chapel again.It was as pretty as I remembered and this time there was a little frosty man to welcome us at the altar. I'd like to visit the area again once all the snow has melted so that we can have a better idea on sitting layout.
 Oh and as a bonus,the temperature was cold enough that it snowed in the morning and we got to see some of the snowflakes stay their shapes! I may have freaked out a bit because I always thought they lose their shapes as they fall to closer to the ground. They we're quite mesmerizing to look at!

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