Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter wonderland wedding

We just got back from a spontaneous Mammoth weekend trip and yay it finally snowed! So Cal has really lived up to its name by having the warmest winter ever! So ones my hubby to be found out it was snowing this weekend-he booked a room and packed his snow gear up fast!
Though the main reason for the trip was to snowboard on some fresh powder,he humored me a bit by visiting some beautiful spots for potential wedding venues. Here's a few of my fav locations 
Twin Lakes-I've always wanted to camp here during summer time.Such a treat to walk around the area while it snowed! 
My scarf was frozen!but it really wasn't that cold! thank you wool socks!
Couldn't resist,had to make a snow angel,the snow was so powdery!
A few miles south of Mammoth was Convict Lake.Though it doesn't have the most appealing name,it sure had a view! 
I'll have to find the link but I believe there's actually a Convict Lake Resort that offers wedding options.Will have to do more research on that.
Oh and since the trip was so last minute,we ended up staying at a Motel 6.(which actually had a great location and was newly remodeled)But a friend of ours coincidently was at Mammoth the same weekend and she was staying at the Westin.Her suite was pretty nice and I got to meet Spencer the English pittbull,who was the cutest thing ever! As you can tell from the above pic,Santa was ready for some jacuzzi party!

Though the Westin was swanky and was just a walk away from The Village,I'd totally prefer a cabin such as the one brow to stay in.Im a nature gal at heart! And if we do agree on a wedding in Mammoth-Id have to start booking some cabins soon.

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