Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More venue options and meet Feliz the sheep'

I have two more wedding venues to share today with one I got to check out in person!
The Leonis Adobe Ranch is located in Calabasas,CA. It's recognized as a historical landmark for being one of the oldest surviving buildings in the San Fernando Valley.It consist of two houses,a barn,a 400 year old oak tree and lots of adorable animals. The staff were so knowdelgable and the tour was well worth the trip. Even though I can see this place as a great venue,a good whiff of the horse corral got me changing my mind.It wasn't an overwhelming stench but you can definitely notice it. I'm not a picky person and it wouldnt bother me too much.Though I'd want my guest to be comfortable,especially those with sensitive nose! 
Luna,the farm cat enjoying her afternoon nap
love the roof!
more kitties!
Meet Feliz, she is the cutest thing ever! I'm so happy I had the opportunity to feed her a bottle of milk, Due to being born with curve legs,shes unable to feed from her mama. But she has great spirits and loves nibbling on shoelaces!

The next venue I will be sharing is Hicksville Trailer Palace

This place looks so unique and fun,it's located in the middle of nowhere aka Joshua Tree,CA. The park consist of eight themed trailer, a saltwater pool and fun activities such as archery and bbguns (cool!) One of the perks is you have the option of renting the whole place for such an affordable price! (About $1300 on a weekday) I think the only downside is everything is practically booked till next year! I'm crossing my fingers that my fiance and I can book a night so we can check out the place in person. Hope it can happen soon!

(All photos from Hicksville Official page)
Overview of the encampment

I want to stay at the Fifi!


The pioneer looks like a great option as well

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