Thursday, January 23, 2014

Engagement Photoshoot Ideas

Along with the wedding planning I have no clue what kind of engagement theme to go with..I mean, of course its gonna be outside surrounded by a bunch and bunch and bunch of trees and leaves and rocks and bark and sky and nature and trees and more trees..(did I mention trees ?)

I was thinking The Arboretum since that was where we went on one of our first dates.( It was also the first time I witnessed my Boobie talk himself out of a speeding ticket-The kid had balls!) But I really want more of an open setting that has multiple expansive views..Another option is going up to Sequoia National Park, a place we love to visit. Perhaps a photoshoot between fishing and a five mile hike??

Here are a few pictures we took back on Fourth of July 2012. We stayed at Princess Campsite and had this wonderful field as our backyard.

He humored me with his plein -air painting skills

Looking back at these pictures makes me want to go camping real soon..uhm BRB,I'm gonna go see if REI has some camping gears on sale..hee!

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