Saturday, January 25, 2014

Does size matters?

Heeehee.get your mind out of the guther,I'm talking about the size of our wedding party!

Personally I'd like a small intimate ceremony but a lil bit of that diva in me is thinking "you're only going to get married once,let's go big, baby!"annnnnnd then my anxiety kicks in and I'm freaking out cause all these people are looking at me! I don't like attention!..but then I think about what's waiting for me on that altar,that wonderful man,with his handsome warm smile and I just focus on nothing but him.Once I reach his side, I'll squeeze his hand and everything around us disappears..*sigh*  Snappp, I just busted a Nicholas Sparks moment for a second.

But yeah,I'd like to keep it small especially since I'll be ignoring everyone cause I'm too busy making lovey dovey eyes at my future hubbs.Also,we gots a budget yo! (More on budgeting in a future post)

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