Friday, January 31, 2014

Patchouli Prattle on Instagram

It might have been due to the grande Vanilla Latte I had last night but I was still wide awake at two in the morning. I rarely drink coffee,so the caffeine sure did a number on my body. I was so spastic I was freaking out (uhm that's normal right?) There was no fighting it-I've accepted it-I'm just gonna go with the flow and wait it out!--annd what better way to kill time then to waste it all away online??
And so,the birth of Patchoulli Prattle on Instagram happened! And it's my best decision yet! Found so many wonderful wedding related accounts! I've followed a hundred users in roughly half an hour.But funny enough,most are in Austrailia. Perphaps is due to me being awake at such an ungodly hour here in the States and Austrialia  is alive and kicking! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Inspiration Folder

Okay so I did it. I finally created a folder on my desktop specifically for Wedding Ideas and Inspirations...and just as I was browsing and bookmarking-I came across this wonderful site :The Green Wedding Shoes which featured a Runaway Pop Up Wedding. I LOVE the decorations!! Like,I've been in this crazy Fern loving phase and I just love how perfect the decors were. I remember seeing this even last year through my IG feed. Sitting In A Tree (A wedding planner that I wish I can afford!) took a pic of the event but I was so clueless on what exactly it was!..If they are announcing another Pop Up wedding in the future, I will so go for it!!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

On repeat

Update: Just wanted to say I'm super excited that James will be in LA and I'm going to one of his shows! YAY!

Early In The Morning by James Vincent McMorrow

Until I figure out how to insert a video on my post, the link above will have to do.
I absolutely love this song. Its so sweet and has this weddingy sounding to it. I want to include it in the ceremony. Either sang by wonderful talented cousins during the reception or playing during a video montage. As far as live entertainment/band..have no clue! (uhm not a surprise)

I think I might be going about this whole wedding planning wrong. Sometimes I feel it will all fall into place but in reality I really I need to get on it!..A date is picked-But uhm year? # list of guest? wedding venue? bridemaids,flower girls,ringer bearers? no idea. ahh!

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Does size matters?

Heeehee.get your mind out of the guther,I'm talking about the size of our wedding party!

Personally I'd like a small intimate ceremony but a lil bit of that diva in me is thinking "you're only going to get married once,let's go big, baby!"annnnnnd then my anxiety kicks in and I'm freaking out cause all these people are looking at me! I don't like attention!..but then I think about what's waiting for me on that altar,that wonderful man,with his handsome warm smile and I just focus on nothing but him.Once I reach his side, I'll squeeze his hand and everything around us disappears..*sigh*  Snappp, I just busted a Nicholas Sparks moment for a second.

But yeah,I'd like to keep it small especially since I'll be ignoring everyone cause I'm too busy making lovey dovey eyes at my future hubbs.Also,we gots a budget yo! (More on budgeting in a future post)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mammoth in March?!

Uhm..My fiancé suggested we get married in,less than two months from now March!!..I was pretty proud of myself for commiting to an October date but he's like-why not Mammoth in March?!...Sure! I'd love to go for vacay but I am not walking down the aisle that soon buddy..or perhaps he was hoping to snowboard down the aisle :p

Engagement Photoshoot Ideas

Along with the wedding planning I have no clue what kind of engagement theme to go with..I mean, of course its gonna be outside surrounded by a bunch and bunch and bunch of trees and leaves and rocks and bark and sky and nature and trees and more trees..(did I mention trees ?)

I was thinking The Arboretum since that was where we went on one of our first dates.( It was also the first time I witnessed my Boobie talk himself out of a speeding ticket-The kid had balls!) But I really want more of an open setting that has multiple expansive views..Another option is going up to Sequoia National Park, a place we love to visit. Perhaps a photoshoot between fishing and a five mile hike??

Here are a few pictures we took back on Fourth of July 2012. We stayed at Princess Campsite and had this wonderful field as our backyard.

He humored me with his plein -air painting skills

Looking back at these pictures makes me want to go camping real soon..uhm BRB,I'm gonna go see if REI has some camping gears on sale..hee!

Is this thing on?


so..basically the primary reason for this blog is to prattle on about my upcoming wedding...WEDDING!!! I mean, we havent even picked a date,a location and all the other million things that goes on with one..but i'm finally getting excited about it.

I mean, of course I cant wait to marry my best friend!, my boobie cake,my hamina-hamina! but I admit, I havent even picked up a bridal magazine yet!..i'm weeelly bad at this.but at least I know I would like it in October :)

Hopefully blogging away will help pump me up...lets get pumed!! woooo Wedding!!! yeah!