Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pop goes the palette!

I'm really excited to incorporate some animal statues to our wedding decors. I grabbed a few bags of animal figures from the local dollar store and have them a couple coats of gold. 
Unless you pay really close attention to their faces,they turned out pretty cute!
Also,my original palette of forest green and pale peach ended up pretty tamed so I've decide a little pop of Fuscia is what I needed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Smith's Residence

*Update* Due to a plumbing issue, We had to search for another place to hold the wedding. You'd think this would stress us out but we still had about a month to go and knew it was all gonna work out! ... And it sure did because my wonderful aunt and uncle offered us to use their backyard located at Santa Clarita, CA. I think it actually was a blessing since the day ended up really warm and the overgrown trees offered some shading. Also,we were able to come and go as we please since hello! We famILY. Below is what the yard looked before all the cleaning and decors went up.

Hello backyard wedding venue! Our good friend was kind enough to let us use his backyard for our wedding ceremony and reception. Seeing as my fiancé used to stay there,it held many wonderful memories for us. His backyard is quite spacious and green! So much potential and so excited that we finally can say "hey! We picked a location!"

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Do it for Us

Soo as hinted on a couple previous post,my wedding planning has come to a hault due to... so so many reasons I don't even know where to start! Thankfully nothing bad-just stuff like finance,distractions and being content with how things are.
Planning our engagement photoshoot somewhat drained the hype of the "BIG" event.(that sounds kinda bad) I mean,I wore a cute dress,I styled my own bouquet,I spent the day with my handsome fiancé and we took pretty pictures! Minus the guest,the wedding party,the reception, the vows and exchanging of rings,it was sorta-kinda felt like a wedding right? (really pushing it here huh?) But anyway that and constantly googling weddings weddings weddings! just drained the excitement out of me...I would marry my fiancé in a heartbeat,but I just can't commit since I love this but then I see this and that and etc!
And so,with the wedding plans on a time out, I started planning trips instead...heehee.(hook on roadtrips!) The other night, I was discussing plans to drive to Moab,UT in October with my fiancé. He stopped me and the convo went a little something like this:

Fiance:"What about our wedding?"
Me "Uhmmm uhm is that still happening this October? It's like only four months away!"
Fiance "Plenty of time,let's do it"
Me "But Utah...Arches..."
Fiance  Sigh**"I requested time off work to marry you not look at a rock with a hole in it"*

And..just like that,seeing his passion helped awaken my excitement. I selfishly forgot that
this wedding is for US and not just for me.

And the very next day,I cleared my corkboard and half-assed this wonderful Wedding Planning board that I was so excited to show him.TA-DAAA!
It's not much right now but it definitely got the ball rolling again.

* hole in a rock he's referring to is the beautiful Delicate Arch. He's a nature lover and we will make plans to visit Utah..not just in October.heehee.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Out of the States wedding options

My fiancé and I have discussed the possibility of having our wedding outside of the States even before we were even officially engaged. Perhaps it's due to us being born and raised outside of the USA-that had us thinking globally.

 Visiting Baja a few weeks ago definitely revisited this idea. Below are a few pictures from San Felipe and Gonzaga Bay.

How wonderful would it be to get married in the desert surrounded by giant cacti's or at a secluded beach?!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our very woodsy engagement shoot

Got our engament pictures last week and boy, did I get a tummy ache from laughing so hard! I knew my fiancé was making funny faces  but I didn't realize how hilarious some of them turned out. From the 150+ proofs we got,I'm happy to say we have a handful of "normal" ones to chose from.

I haven't had a chance to upload them all,but as soon as I saw this shot,it just had to be my phone's wallpaper asap! heehee. It's my favorite!

Planning or procrastinating?

I can't completely pinpoint the reason why my wedding preparations mojo is at an all time low but I just haven't had the motivation to push forward to planning our wedding...perhaps it's the decrease in funds from traveling every weekend! 

Living in So Cal just makes it so easy to pick a direction and go! And from looking over my previous entries,I tend to post a lot about places I visited..maybe this blog is heading to a different direction,pun fully intended! ;)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It's not "The Dress" but it's oh so pretty!

While on the search for the perfect engagement dress,I spotted this little number on the Free People website. I loved the cut and little hints of studs and sequins throughout the bodice.The strips of ribbon flowing down the waist was also a cute touch. I took a screenshot and moved on. BUT when I saw it at Bloomingdales in person,I just had to try it on!
and well....being five foot tall it was no surprise that the straps needed to be tied. But being short did have it's advantage when it came to the length. It hit just right by my ankles so it gave the look of a casual gown. 
I loved this dress and even after a couple weeks later I still love-love it! 
I don't see it as THE wedding dress but it can be a good options if we decide to elope or choose the Hickville Trailer parks route ;)

Sadly, for it's price of $300 I decided to pass.It's not an expense worth making at the moment. But if I come across the dress again and it's on sale,I would definitely get it! Cause it's a dress I'd love having in my wardrobe-even if it's just to admire it's pretty!

Cali beauty! Spring and snow!

Just wanted to share a few pictures from the awesome places around So.California we visited recently.Whether it was the quick drive down PCH or a 300 mile trip to Mammoth,SoCal has tons of pretty to offer.

I haven't visited the The Getty Villa in years and I was surprised when my Boris suggested we stop by.I'm usually the one to drag him around art-related locations so I was pretty giddy when he said he'd like to go to the Getty Villa. We got to explore the property during such a beautiful day.It was sunny and the ocean breeze felt wonderful.We even spotted a couple taking their engagement pictures.

In all the years I've visit Griffith Park,I never knew Ferndell ever existed! I don't know how I've missed this fairly-like wonderland.It has quickly become my favorite hidden treasure. Had we not already decided on taking our engagement pictures at the Aboretum,I can see this place as a runner up. With it's shaded paths and little streams,it makes you forget that youre just a few miles north from the hustle and bustle of LA. I'd like to visit this place very soon and this time, try  The Trails Cafe which I hear serves a great avocado sandwich. Yum!

Last location: Mammoth Lakes (heehee again) When is comes to ski season and my fiance,I've learned a spontaneous trip to Mammoth for the weekend shouldn't be much of a surprise. Though it has been the droughtest season ever,my fiance tries to hit the slopes whenever he can. Just this past weekend,we found ourselves back in Mammoth.Above are a few pictures by the golf course on Old Mammoth Road.The sun was out and the duckies by the lake were lively. We also stopped by Twin Lakes because I just had to check out the Forest Chapel again.It was as pretty as I remembered and this time there was a little frosty man to welcome us at the altar. I'd like to visit the area again once all the snow has melted so that we can have a better idea on sitting layout.
 Oh and as a bonus,the temperature was cold enough that it snowed in the morning and we got to see some of the snowflakes stay their shapes! I may have freaked out a bit because I always thought they lose their shapes as they fall to closer to the ground. They we're quite mesmerizing to look at!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Engagement photoshoot booked!

In less than two weeks my good friend and talented photographer Alex will be taking our engagement pics at The Aboretum. I still have tons to do ie.pick a theme,the outfits and props.So in a way,it feels like I'm prepping for a mini wedding.But this time the location and date is set and I'm super excited! I can't wait to relive one of our first dates walking around in this beautiful environment. Who knew we'd be back in the same location  five years after for our engagement photoshoot. Wish I can find the pictures from those many years ago and have a good laugh at how much we've changed.
Below are a few pictures I took from a recent spontaneous visit I made to the Arboretum. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Cream Event

It's been three days ago but I still have The Cream on my mind! My fiance and I had a great time attending this delightfully entertaining bash last Sunday. The event had the most talented crop of vendors in Wedding under one room! The set ups were amazing, the abundant food and snacks were all so tasty and the drinks: HELLO open bar! 
Below are a few pictures I managed to capture. I really cant pick a favorite moment.Each vendor had something magical to offer and I wish I can book them all! BUTTT if I had to narrow it down, my top three would be Flipbooth LA  The Paella Project and of course my favorite group of stylist Sitting In A Tree .